Frequently Asked Questions

An estate sale is a sale where the public is invited into the home to purchase a majority of its contents.
Every sale is different.  We charge a commission-based rate depending on the number of items for sale, the value of those items and the amount of set up that is needed to prepare for the sale. See our "Rates" page for more information.
We send out an email to our own personal email list, advertise on industry-specific websites, advertise on Craigslist, social media websites, through directional signs around the sale (if local regulations permit it) and spread the word to industry professionals and our network of dealers.
We usually allow clients to set a maximum of five reserves for their items.  We will advise our clients through the entire process of what we believe is a fair market price so you have a clear understanding of the value of your items for sale.
We have a clear understanding of the current market price for many household items.  We will research specialty items and call in industry professionals for their opinion of an item's value on the secondhand market.
Since every situation is different, we can discuss with you what you would like to happen with the items that don't sell at the sale.  We will be glad to give you the contact information for a number of charities in the Los Angeles area that would be able to take your items.  We also have connections with clean-out crews who will often take all of the items in the home (regardless of their value) and clean the home for a fee.  These services are not affiliated with Howe Estate Sales, LLC, but we would be happy to help you through this process.
Yes.  You will receive an itemized/categorized list of the items sold and for the price they sold at.
In order to liquidate your items, we like to offer discounts on the second or third day of the sale.  We prefer to offer set discount amounts to make it easy for customers to know the current price of an item.  In most circumstances, we will discuss these discount amounts with you after the first day of the sale.
No.  In an effort to be fair to all customers, we do not offer pre-sales or previews.
No.  In an effort to be fair to those who wait in line, we always let customers enter the house in the order that they are in when we open the door.


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