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What is an Estate Sale?

Estate Sales are aimed at individuals who need to sell most of the items in a home, whether they are moving, downsizing or simply in the mood to redecorate.  When hosting an estate sale, the public is invited into the home to purchase most of its contents.  Sales typically last two days, but are often stretched to three or reduced to one, depending on the individual circumstances.  At the end of the sale, the owners are presented with an itemized list of items sold over $100, an aggregate total of items sold under $100 along with a check for their sold belongings.  The aggregate total helps speed up the check-out process as lines tend to grow at estate sales.


Estate Liquidation & Custom Estate Sales

Each estate sale is different.  While many companies may walk in the day of the sale, put a sign on the corner of the street and an ad on a single website, Howe Estate Sales strives to be different by customizing each sale to your specific needs.

Selling off most or part of an estate can be a daunting task. To help you get started we offer a free, walk-through consultation to assess your personal situation. After walking through your home and determining your individual requirements, we will recommend options on how to move forward. If you ultimately decide to have an in-home estate sale, our team of professionals will look through the items that you wish to sell and determine their market value. Beyond our personal expertise, we also take the time to research items of value and reach out to our network of professionals who are often brought in to help throughout the estate sale process.  To prepare for the sale, Howe Estate Sales organizes your items to create an easy-to-navigate, retail-like experience for estate sale shoppers. After the sale is staged, our resident photographer will move through the home and photograph all of the items for marketing purposes. Once the pictures are taken, we will price all of the items so there is no confusion the day of the sale.

After preparing for the sale, we will invite the public into the areas of your home where the merchandise is available for purchase.  Depending on the size of your home, we will strategically place employees in different rooms to answer questions and assist buyers.  We understand that you may have minimums for certain pieces throughout your home.  Through our discussions, we will determine these minimums. In most circumstances, a percentage of the overall sales is retained as a fee for running the estate sale. Consequently, we have an incentive to sell your items for the highest price that the market will bear. For more information on rates, please see our rate page by clicking here.


Marketing for Sales

In order to attract the greatest turn out for each of the sales that we hold, Howe Estate Sales, LLC has comprised a comprehensive marketing plan.

For each sale we will:

  • Promote the sale on estate sale industry specific websites which will then send your sale in a mass email to over 30,000 email subscribers who visit estate sales in the Los Angeles area.
  • Send an email blast to our private list of over 2,000 estate sale buyers who have been to previous Howe Estate Sales, and are eager to come to more sales.
  • Take professional-quality pictures of everything for sale in your home and use these pictures when marketing the sale.
  • Write a sale description and categorized item list, crafted to attract buyers and collectors of each item for sale.
  • Promote the sale on Facebook, Twitter and Craigslist to attract a pool of thousands of online web surfers.
  • Post large, directional, open-house-type signs on corners of the main intersections around the sale, if permitted by city ordinances.


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