I've worked with Parker Howe for many years to sell furniture and accessories for me or for my interior design clients. Recently, I got to work with him more closely as I moved from one home to another. Parker knows the market and the prices things will fetch. His team is organized, facilitating a crowded sale. They are great at publicizing their sales. I understand we had lines wrapped around the block waiting to get in. Howe Estate Sales took care of everything before, during, and after the sale. They even met people at my house after the sale who needed to transport the larger furniture items. A day after the sale, thanks to the recommendations they made about additional donations, everything was gone. My home was clean and I didn't have to worry about anything. Thank you, Howe Estate Sales!


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- Nancy D. in San Marino, CA

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We had the most pleasant experience with Howe Estate Sales. Parker and John were so professional but at the same time very warm and sensitive. Lots of fun to work with! They worked very hard to set up and make things look attractive.  They treated everything with great respect . The clean up was great and made our life much easier. I would highly recommend them.


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- Julie K. in Pasadena, CA

From start to finish we had a great experience with Howe Estate Sales. Parker immediately answered my call and was able to come over to our home to assess our moving sale. We secured the date and signed the contract.  Once we made the move, Parker and John were there on moving day to start staging our one day sale.  John photographed  everything beautifully and got it on- line right away. The sale was very well attended and we were pleased with the results. At the end of the sale, The Howe staff boxed all the not sold goods for us so we just needed to set them out for a donation pickup. We appreciated the level of professionalism on the part of Parker and John and especially the way they were very careful in staging to keep the house safe from damage. Parker even hand delivered our proceeds check right to us in our new home.


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- Christa P. in La Cañada Flintridge, CA

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Parker Howe and his associates did an outstanding job on an estate sale for my sisters and me when we had to sell our mother's home and possessions recently. Our mother had a lot of antiques and other valuable household items and jewelry that she had collected over her lifetime. Our mother had a friend who is a professional antiques appraiser and she came to the house and gave us a good idea of what we could expect from an estate sale. She also recommended several estate agents. We interviewed five different estate agents and chose Parker Howe.


The estate agents we did not choose, to varying extents, seemed quite capable of "liquidating" our mother's possessions, which was their stated goal. Parker was the only one who took considerable interest in and showed true appreciation for the finer things we had to sell and it was evident that he fully intended to get the highest prices possible for them--rather than just liquidating. Parker was very diligent in researching items for appropriate pricing.


We were very pleased with the outcome of the sale. Parker sold almost everything, from kitchen cutlery to oriental rugs, from used appliances to fine art and jewelry. And most importantly, Parker brought in more money than our independent appraiser had led us to expect.


I would highly recommend Parker and Howe Estate Sales. They are honest, trustworthy and good at what they do.


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- Jill K. in San Marino, CA

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